We offer services for every component of our product.

Achieve maximum potential by implementing our solutions.
As your strategic partner, we will show you the best practices based on cutting-edge technology.



Our team of experts will assist you in the initial phase so that you can take full advantage of the system’s features and options. They will also tell you how to proceed when you become an HCMFront user.


We will make sure that your first use of our system is 100% aligned with your organization's expectations. This, like all our services, can be applied to one or all of the modules you select.


Do you want to become an expert of our ecosystem? Request trainings, get acquainted with the HCMFront methodologies, know your processes and take your platform management to a new level.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Outsourcing your business processes will significantly reduce your operational risks and optimize your operations. This service allows you to focus on your strategy and business objective without having to worry about common tasks.


Complement your organization’s information with data from other systems, improve the synergy between your platforms and keep your information up-to-date in real time. Get more comprehensive data for reporting when and where you want.

Consulting Services

Respond to the challenges of your business, analyze your processes, find solutions to the problems in your people management, consult with experts in the field and reach your organization’s full potential.


Develop and certify your team, demonstrate their skills and knowledge of our platform and transform them into HR tech experts.

Differentiate yourself as a professional by demonstrating your knowledge of the latest HR tools and gain a competitive advantage in your professional development.

Analytics Projects

We apply data analytics to our clients' projects to provide complete reports that meet the needs of their organization.

From report analysis to predictive models, the scope of our projects is designed to maximize the potential of people management.