We have services for all the applications ans use instances of our products.

Achieve maximum potential by implementing our solutions.
As your strategic partner, we will support you with the best practices based on cutting-edge technology.



Our team of experts will work with you in the initial stage to start using our system of tools so you can take full advantage of its characteristics and possibilities of use. They will also guide you on how to continue once you become a HCMFront user.


We ensure that the beginning of the application of our system is adjusted 100 % to the expectations of the organization. This, like all our services, can be applied to one or all of the modules that you decide to hire.


Do you want to master our ecosystem as an expert? Ask for our trainings, learn the HCMFront methodologies, know your processes and take your management of the platform to a new level.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

The Outsourcing of Business Processes, or BPO, will assure you substantial benefits such as: reduction of operational risks and optimization of processes. This service allows organizations to focus on the strategy and business objective without worrying about common functions.


Shape the information of your organization with data from other systems, improve the synergy between your platforms and keep your information updated in real time. Get more comprehensive data for reporting at the time and place you need.

Consulting Services

Respond to the challenges of your organization, diagnose your processes and find solutions to the problems in management of people in your company, consult with experts in the area and develop the potential of your organization.


Develop and certify your team, demonstrate your skills, knowledge and skills in our platform and transform your team into HR Tech experts.

If you do it on your own, show your expertise in the platform, differentiate yourself as a professional demonstrating your development in cutting-edge tools in people management and generate a competitive advantage in your professional development.

Analytics Projects

We approach our clients' projects as their partners, through reporting and data analytics that allow obtaining complete reports according to the needs of the business.

From analysis of reports, to predictive models, the scope of our projects is designed to obtain the maximum potential of people management.